Review of interview between DR. ROBERT YOUNG and SPIRO (Australian Spiro @ spirotalks)

The purpose of this broadcast is to tell ordinary people that what we are saying is true


The best we can do is get as many people as possible to research what is in the vaccine


Graphene binds you to a network connected to a supercomputer


It is completely proven by the manufacturers that the different things in the vaccine move to different parts of the body: 70 percent to the genitals, 20 percent to the bone marrow and 10 percent to the heart. (Who it is very destructive and very difficult to remove)


Sterilization of humans is one of the things we can assume that the manufacturers will achieve with this.

Promote leukemic cancer by destroying the bone marrow.

Promote heart disease to accelerate the process from life to death.


Among other things. the heart, hips and genitals. From where it is almost impossible to get it away again. For this, it forms a base that sends signals to the surroundings.


We have followed the vaccine around the body with radioactive isotopes.


The body will get rid of any poison. And pushes the toxin out into the connective tissue and from there out into the adipose tissue. Like the breasts and the brain. So there we will also see complications.


Nail proteins are not an infection but infection.


The nails break off and these are the ones the PCR test detects. And it is especially capable of it through the way it is abused.


Corona exists only as an effect.




The graphene causes the blood cells to stick together. In the pictures, it is very easy to understand how hugely unhealthy it is.


In addition, there are also parasites in the vaccine.


This whole disease is not something that spreads from person to person. Or from animal to human.


They could also have degenerated it to the lungs. But the lungs are already covered. With blood clots and nail proteins.


There are many toxic substances and things in the vaccine – not just Graphene


There are many different oxides in the vaccine – not just Graphene Oxide.


The vaccinated excrete not only particles but also the fluctuations. Fluctuations that are dangerous to other people.


You send out signals that can be intercepted by 5G and can affect your state of health. Or it can be used for population control.


You can now connect to a mobile phone, computer or other. With the new technology, there is no need for a chip in you or any other form of surgery. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Now your cells are the antenna.


The referring patents support this way of interpreting the vaccines.


What we need now is to go out and pressure the governments to conduct investigations into these. We must push for as many people as possible to investigate these things.


The vaccine is also given to pregnant women and the children become stillborn and the mother’s milk becomes toxic to the children.


One of the problems is that these tests that are needed to examine what you have been exposed to are not available to the general practitioner.


There are a total of less than 50 people behind all this we are exposed to


Dr. Young believes that you can protect yourself against this even if you have been vaccinated.


The vaccine rounds will never take an end. For everyone is connected to the supercomputer.


This will control your body, take over your body and end up destroying your body.


Your urine is the best to test. It should preferably be 8.4. Because the urine is a mirror of the inner fluids in you. (Here are a number of natural remedies that can correct it)


The vaccinated secrete a frequency. A toxic frequency. That can hurt others.


What people do not understand is that the disease does not come from outside and into the cell using a virus. But from the cell itself. Because of the environment and the environment in which the cell is located. The reason why people do not understand it is that they are brainwashed into the existence of such a thing as a virus.


Humans are now on a cliff edge. And it’s a question of how many will survive. And how they will survive. Our enemies use part and rule. And will split us up.


If we do not fight back, we will see the end of our own lives and the end of the lives of those we know. And we will not create any future for our children.


This vaccine is a bioweapon that will crush our immune system. And connect us to a supercomputer that will control every aspect of our lives.


The blood is destroyed by what the system calls the treatment.


I have been trying to take a comprehensive collection of notes for this broadcast. But I would say that the broadcast is kept in that plain language. And that way is easy to understand. But still, the broadcast is very complex. And contains many details about everything we are exposed to. So it’s probably one of those shows you’ll have to listen to a couple of times to get it all. –


Spiro talks with Dr. Robert Young about what he discovered in the Covid-19 Vaccinations.

11 September 2021 by telegram