This is how doctors and parliamentary politicians picture people in that children can get Corona

The children are not infected with – Corona – but with the vaccines


By Karsten Holt Larsen, 23 August 2021


This article is based on a fabulously good observation made by Ghita, from which I for my mention of the article in EB (Tårnhøj infection among children, By Signe Søgaard, 22 August 2021) receive the following comment:

“I think it might even be because their adults are spotted, and maybe therefore shedding with viruses and or variants. It’s just a thought because I seem to experience it myself. ”

Yes, of course. That is why children are now suddenly getting the symptoms that doctors and politicians claim are Corona.


Corona deaths are due to the vaccine


We know that those who die of – Corona – are all vaccinated against Corona or in the first stage of – the false pandemic – against influenza. And that the vaccine contains deeply harmful things that spread to other people around you. At home or at work.

Some of the things in the substance that politicians and doctors call: – vaccine – have a peculiar form of magnetism. Whereby the unvaccinated person begins to absorb more – toxins – from other people who are infected with the vaccine. Once the person initially gets a little on.

What Ghita is thinking here is that this of course also applies to children.

If the parents are infected with the vaccine, this will cause spillage towards the children. Then it crashes into the kindergarten, nursery or school. As well as even getting sick from the vaccine – with Corona symptoms – and also can spread the toxins from the vaccine into other children.


After this, the politicians and doctors can start vaccinating the children.


As we see in Australia, in some cases this happens by the children being caught in the tens of thousands in large stadiums and arenas. Without access for parents. After which the children are forcibly vaccinated. Although it only happened a few days ago, several children are already dead or disabled.


Doctors are a deadly mob that wants to kill


The Folketing politicians here in Denmark want the same. In collaboration with the doctors. Remember that the doctors and their ancestors came to power in Europe by exterminating the original natural medicine people throughout Europe in the so-called Witch Hunt in the Middle Ages. Doctors are a deadly people. In witch hunts, doctors killed millions of European women.