Racial hygiene in modern politics – Foundations drive development over millennia
It is the large funds that drive development over generations. Here, people and generations change over the years and new ones are added but work on the basis of the same foundations and guidelines.
The bloodlines that are part of the circle of owners multiply only in themselves.
My remarks:
That was also the way the nobility in Europe ran it. Funds. But the foundations we are talking about here have taken over all the prosperity from millennium-old civilizations such as Egypt, Vikings, Incas, Aztecs, Russia, Germany and the United States. So those are absolutely huge amounts they have available.
If they run it that way, then it also explains a lot up through world history.
That the boats of the Vikings resembled the boats of the Phoenicians, etc.
That those who own the big companies are only the faces on the outside, etc.
That those who manage landings are put in by these funds (I think in some cases without knowing it?)
Note that London inner city has never been conquered. Neither by the Vikings, the Normans nor bombed by Hitler – although that should be his main goal. There is probably a good reason for that.
That is also why we see completely incomprehensible things: the Russian Revolution or World War I. For us, it is completely overwhelming to watch. But for the owners of these funds, it’s just like furnishing a little round. To put the dresser up against a new wall in the apartment.
Or right now where they want to kill a large portion of the world’s population with vaccines. It is nothing more than a temporary small project for them.

Karsten Holt Larsen, 29 July 2021

Racehygiejne i moderne politik – Fonde driver udviklingen over årtusinder