Explosive reveals of judges, MPs, royalty caught up in protectionist insider-trading practices behind the Asbestos conspiracy crimes of Lloyd’s of London, a multi-decade scandal which saw established aristocrats actively solicit and recruit “Names”–new underwriters for insurance markets while the asbestos industry was collapsing and attempts to allay the inevitable cost to insurance underwriters rapidly dissolved while no attempt to convey the truth of the situation to the new recruits was made. As a consequence, the burden of liability and risk was disproportionately transferred to new underwriters, and the contracts they had signed with Lloyd’s earlier led to pursuit by Lloyd’s of their estates and assets, leading to impoverishment, penury, divorce, suicides. Meanwhile a series of reinsurance and avoidance practices ensured that the aristocracy of Lloyd’s maintained their positions of power and affluence; no attempt through the court system to hold them liable or have them back off their debt-collecting prevailed given a network of judges also with vested interests in Lloyd’s. American underwriters were denied a chance to try these cases in America, disallowing Chapter 11 and RICO statute prosecutions.

Sally Noel describes her own ordeal by fire as a “Name” of Lloyd’s who was subjected to a number of indignities and injustices as her properties were seized, a jury trial was denied, and threats were made. Speaking to many politicians, members of the Royal Family, previous chairmen of Lloyd’s, judges as she strove to have her case addressed, Sally also embarked on long research which led to her amassing a wealth of information on the names and numbers of the people involved in the deliberate actions of fraud against herself and thousands of other investors and underwriters. This information along with recordings of phone calls and conversations when published will probably go a long way in furthering the expose of these crimes and bringing justice to all victimized.

Dean provides context to the historic nature of the fraud run by the bloodline families in British aristocracy and underpinning the big four banks against everyone, including, in this case, the upper middle class, while Michelle corroborates Sally’s experience with her own awareness through experience of high-level judicial corruption where judges, barristers, loan firms and bankers collude to keep profits for themselves and exploitation of assets for everyone else.