In Ireland, gangs in port towns work to herd children onto the docks and load them onto ships

The people who problematized the capture and kidnapping of children were persecuted and thrown out of town.

(It is somewhat the same as here in Denmark, where Danish children and young people who are exposed to immigrant crime are themselves persecuted by the police, school teachers and pedagogues if they complain about this, as for example in Ry where a single criminal immigrant terrorized the whole town for years and the Danish youth in the city. The Danish youth constantly tried to get help from the police, school teachers and pedagogues. However, all of them refused to help. Finally, the Danish youth became so desperate that they tried to set fire to the immigrant. Immediately there was police, school teachers and pedagogues over the Danish young people who were immediately thrown into prison. So we are largely seen as nothing more than slaves and pigs by the royalist authorities in our own country, Karsten)

Therefore, the rural population did not dare to take their children with them to the cities

Often the excess mortality during transport on ships was extremely high.

The Jews could squeeze up to 700 children into a ship designed for 200

Thereby the Jew maximized his profit

The little girls who entered the factories often got their hair in the machine. And were thereby scalped (I am going to suspect that all the rumors about scalping by Indians have something to do with this? Could the rumors camouflage the many scalpings in the factories?, Karsten)

Both blacks and whites could own white slaves

The white slaves were often treated the most harshly. Since they did not represent as high a value as the black slaves (Perhaps the price was kept artificially low. Due to a desire for genocide against white people? Karsten)

Outright slavery was formally abolished on paper. But was replaced by debt and interest slavery)

And slavery by means of wage pressure and price pressure

It takes e.g. only a few months to pay off the real price of a house. While it takes several years to pay off the entire house. As interest-based loans.

(The fact that the history of the white slave trade is suppressed creates huge tensions between blacks and whites. Where the blacks feel greatly wronged. Because their role as slaves is overtold in the historical account. Instead of both parties looking clearly at who is behind it, Karsten )

The Zio-run White Slave Trade, Charles Giuliani, truthhertzradio, February 13, 2023