HUSK! Vores gener er antenner.
Udsendelsen handler bl.a om Alex Jones som et falsk flag våben rettet mod os.
Men hovedfokus er på EMF som våbensystem i en verden med mange vaccinerede der indeholder Graphene.
Handler blandt andet om hvad de gør med alle de helikopteren der flyver rundt. De læser hvis hvordan vi har det. Eller hvordan vi tænker. Ud fra det naturlige antennesystem i vores i vores krop. I vores gener.


Ramola D Reports

Interview and discussion with Jimuphy Masters of Planned Illusion on current affairs and the unlawful use of military directed energy weapons concealed as crowd control and deterrence technologies on people worldwide, as well as some discussion of her own experience of being hit with these weapons in Quincy, Massachusetts–and the situation of lawlessness and arrogance in government agencies and among wide swaths of secret-society, Freemasonic, Luciferian elements which has given rise to this atrocity, which many victims and analysts have experienced and see as completely inhumane, unethical, and Satanic, in addition to being plain atrocity, which needs to be absolutely exposed and halted at speed.