2 to 3 billion people will die within 12 months


This is due to the diabolical content of the vaccines that the researchers are now presenting.


Those who receive the death vaccine have weekly drops in the immune system. It will have deadly consequences by March 2022.


This is not done just to kill. But also to select those who must survive – in order to be part of living experiments with memes – that the ducks can genetically inside and out.


The new world order is not just to take everything that is not human and own it. It is also to take the strangeness itself and make it his. It is far beyond classical slavery.


It seems that the globalists have been working intensely for 40 years in intense medical trials to make this possible. Without anyone having discovered it.


They want to turn people into: Real Estate, Laboratories, Factories. Your own body will be used for what the elite wants it to be used for: whether it is sex, the creation of medicine, being their slave, or growing organ parts for their children.


Not just your body parts in a lab: but you personally want to be their property. Their slave, their robot, their organ factory.


The elite is facing enormous welfare. Since you are now their crop.


And they will be proven to change your genetics. On a daily basis.


However, most will not live through this experiment.


Whether they have taken a dose of the vaccine or more: then you are in all probability dead. Or a wandering death. It’s just a matter of time before you die.


If it’s a placebo you’ve taken. Then you’re still in the game. But do not take more vaccines or boosted.


And if you have not taken the vaccine. Then you are one of the few people who will survive. And will be able to carry the strangeness further.


The vaccinated will not be able to have human children. But children who are genetically modified and could be controlled.


So we are here at a comprehensive crossroads.


There is humanity that follows God’s natural path.


And then there are those who are fooled by the globalists. And thus already in their prison.


There are also so many things in vaccination that it is impossible to imagine that people who have taken it can survive.


The hydras will multiply wildly in you. And end up killing you. Then someone should develop a medicine that can kill hydra in your blood without killing you. In connection with Graphene oxide, hydra goes crazy to multiply.


The vaccine also kills genes that prevent cancer. So cancer will grow all over you.


There are also Nano robots in the vaccine that should change you genetically


Globalizers also want to kill the people who are not convertible with the desired changes.


Globalists have abandoned all forms of human morality – and abandoned all forms of religion. And they now see you as something lower than a dairy cow. For it must be cared for in order to give proper milk. But the elite do not even want that from you. You must be their genetically modified robot. Alternatively, they do not want you to continue to exist. So it’s much wilder than any kind of psychopathy.

So it’s so refined, so intelligent and so well planned. So everyone must acknowledge that it is satan who is behind this. Someone there with extreme evil spirit who is behind this. Someone who really hates this world. So now they too will take over living things and bend them according to their wheels and bend them according to their will. So they can rule as gods on earth.


We have clearly moved from reality into a twilight zone. It’s not fun anymore. We are in Armageddon. We are in the apocalypse.


This is taking evil to a whole new level we have never seen in the history of mankind. These globalists must have a satanic clergy.


People will die in 1 to 10 years from now. But as it turns out, many will die around March 2022.


You will no longer be able to get things in the supermarket. You will also not be able to get medicine in the pharmacy.


They will die so fast that they will not even be able to throw us in the concentration camps. So fast they will die.


However: The death vaccinated who give their loyalty to the globalists will become extremists. They will realize that unless they serve the globalists totally. Then they will not receive the boosted ones who maintain their immune system.


That is why we are at the great crossroads where humanity is going one way. While the death vaccinated go another way.


When it finally dawns on people what is happening we will see far more rebellion.


Considering that the death vaccinated have these Hydra organisms in them. Then you can be careful about dealing with the vaccinated. And actually do not get around to them.


We can not save the vaccinated with medicine. That’s about 3,000,000,000 people. And we can not produce that.


Governments will collapse and can not be used as weapons by the globalists.


We unvaccinated must be ready to take control.


You need to focus on taking control of your local area in collaboration with other unvaccinated people. The month we are in now – November 2021 – may be the last month of normalcy in the West.



1262 / 5000


Countries like Africa that are smart enough not to vaccinate people will be left as survivors.


While Ireland and Scandinavia which have vaccination rates of 90 per cent will be wiped out.


Take away from the clergy who glorify the vaccines. Because maybe they are infected with vaccines and can infect you. And as the scriptures say, the innocent will not differ from the perverted ones. We must leave Babylon.


You must separate for your own safety. You can not get along with the vaccinated. For the poison from vaccinating will stand out from them.


The vaccines will destroy a large part of human society.


If you are death vaccinated: do not kiss your children.


This is now a plague. What is in vaccinating is the plague of the plagues.


We must exercise extreme caution with the vaccinated. There is a bearer of the eerie plague.


Do not eat foods and fruits that the death vaccine has prepared or prepared.



OCTOBER 31, 2021