Who is the tribe of the Danes (1 hour and 55 minutes into the broadcast)

Is the broadcast right that the tribe of the Danes is in fact the Jewish bloodline that rests in the Danish and British royal houses?

And that it is therefore in reality the Danish royal house that is behind the wars in Europe?

(Many of us at least sense that there is a deep secret that rests here in Denmark. Something secret about our past and present.)

Yes, it’s quite fun. When you hear about the war crimes of the Jews, you think they are pigs. When you hear about the war crimes of the Vikings, you just think they are too cool.

Are all these stories really coincidences when you know how tightly the agenda is run – hardly?

2 hours and 25 minutes in, it is said that Rothschild used his royal connections in Denmark to provoke wars in which there is blood money.

The broadcast deals, among other things, with one of the great secrets of world history: Caesarion. The broadcast concludes that Cæsarion (Caesarion) son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar survived by fleeing to India and then became a global businessman with strong connections to the British Isles and Northern Europe.

It is thus Caesarion who constitutes the physical person behind the figure of Jesus.

This is why the British crown is so central to the Jews. Because they took over the crown in England with the Vikings’ Europeanization via the bloodlines from the tribe of the Danes that rested in Denmark’s royal family.

(Do you remember the couple Crown Prince Frederik and Maria Montell – who were slandered in the media. But the slander may have had the purpose of keeping the bloodline clean. By then he got the one we have now…)

There are many rumors that Hitler is actually Jewish himself. But I have never ever shown that the rumors had to come from other than Jewish intellectuals who are always interested in transferring significant people to their own bloodline or from people who for some reason have something to say about Hitler. But the rumors actually come from an official Austrian Government document, based on an investigation (Not because that in itself makes it more credible. But still.).

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