The rebellious staff of Pfizer

Isn’t it a little strange that so many senior employees from Pfizer appear in the alternative media as heroes. First of all, I would describe these people as some of the most responsible. But now they are acting like heroes.

But in recent days (Today is the 10 / 3-2022) the same people have started to appear with – hope – for the vaccinated. It could possibly be ridden by new medicine made with modern technology. It is these – former – Pfizer employees ‘hopes in recent days’ features from – the alternative media-.

A hope that would probably sound a little hollow if it came from one of the still officially employed in Pfizer.

By the way, why are so many Pfizer employees stepping forward while there is hardly a single one from any of the other pharmaceutical companies (Not one I just know at least)?

It evokes my suspicion of a controlled opposition and a controlled agenda.

One of the agendas could be – the offer – for new medicine that can counteract the vaccine damage. A drug that could be difficult to swallow if it came from Pfizer itself or from the other drug giants: which until now have made a fortune by slaughtering and killing the population. But probably something more digestible when it comes on the recommendation of the heroes of the alternative media.

Beware – we are facing an enemy that will exterminate us.


Pfizer: One of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies