The Jews now feel so pressured over everything people find out with the vaccine that the Holocaust series is now being promoted on YT. Very interesting when you consider how false the series is against white people.
In connection with this, however, I also find it extremely interesting that somewhere in the series is a meeting between SS members (I think it is in that series – but can not bear to see it again). Where proposals are made for the Jews to be exterminated with radiation. I even think they should be sterilized with radiation. Especially also aimed at their genitals.
And vupti: today are exterminated – not Jews – but white people with radiation – especially directed at their genitals. So they become sterile.
So the series has been a very active and effective piece in promoting self-hatred among white people. Is programmed self-esteem that weakens us incredibly in the current battle. As well as the series is also a medium for predictive programming.
In today’s world, the series is put in the light of more and more people finding out that everything about the Holocaust is a total lie. And that it is in fact white European people who are the victims.
It is also extremely interesting that today it is white people who are thrown into concentration camps. Not in the same luxurious concentration camps as the Jews stayed while white people were allowed to slaughter each other in WW2. But on the other hand in actual concentration camp camps designed by the Jews – which they also used in the Boer Wars – where the Jews force-fed white people with food with shards of glass in (Where today they fill Graphene in the food from the supermarket).

There is also another film that portrays white people as swine and sadistic slaveholders in the United States. That movie, of course, is also a lie. The Jews who made the film will not even name the film. Because they know it will expose all their lies. The fact is that 80 percent of the slave owners in the United States were Jews. And almost 17 of the slave spokes were black. And only barely 3 percent were white. While the whole slave trade then as today is run by Jews (I simply can not just remember the name of the movie – and strangely enough can not just find references to it on google).

The problem with all the satanic lies from the Jews is that it promotes self-hatred and damages self-respect among European people. You have to keep in mind that many ordinary people are not awake and cannot see that it is a lie. It can e.g. be the reason why white people can not even reproduce themselves – nor feel anger that they can not. Which in the past was never a problem.

It may well be that the liars among the microphone holders right now can hold that rod. But how will people react when they discover that it is their own children, grandchildren, friends and family who are being killed right now: and who it is that is actually behind the genocide against the Danish population.

Holocaust: episode 1 of 5 (TV series 1978)