Sagt til en lille hvid pige i Sydafrika: – hvor har du smukke blå øjne. Nu tager jeg dem ud. –

Er du klar over at det amerikanske militær har beregninger for omkostninger og tab ved at skulle invadere Sydafrika for at hjælpe negrene med at dræbe den hvide befolkning hvis den gør oprør mod den kriminalitet, drab og overgreb som hvide mennesker udsættes for i Sydafrika – meget tankevækkende ?

The Truth About South Africa Herr Nordstorm

Offentliggjort den 23. aug. 2015

Monica Stone joins Lana Lokteff to speak about the subject of White Genocide in South Africa. She works with the website and also the Living Waters Foundation. Monica is committed to spreading awareness about the rape, torture, murders, and the genocide of the White South African people. We begin with a quick history lesson on South Africa, a region that was completely open in 1652 when members of Dutch East India Company arrived and settled the Cape of Good Hope, where they brought agricultural knowledge, science and math education, established public schools, property rights, boundaries, and human rights. Monica describes how things went terribly wrong, beginning in the 19th century, when the British took over the Dutch East India Company. Wars ensued in this period, which coincided with the discovery of gold, and many Afrikaners fled the area to escape suppression. Monica explains the current state of governmental affairs, a reign by the ANC that has led South Africa down a path to destruction since the end of apartheid, with the clear purpose of eradicating all Whites from the country. We look at the influx of immigrants saturating the area for the past 20+ years, putting extreme pressure on a fragile infrastructure that is not being properly maintained and bringing in more crime and racial tension. Monica tells about the rampant, deep-seated hatred for Afrikaners that has resulted in over 85,000 murders since 1994, along with an epidemic of the rape and torture of countless innocent people. Monica gives examples of what it is like living in a country where it is against the law to defend yourself against even the most unspeakable crimes. We discuss why these abysmal conditions have gotten to this point and why none of the Afrikaners’ White brothers and sisters in the West are stepping up to help. Also, we take a look at the real players running the show in the ANC, a narrative that is being controlled by the Zionist media and is almost identical to that of the US. We end with some thoughts on what it will take to turn this seemingly hopeless situation around and how the people of South Africa, Europe and the US can band together to keep from being drowned by the treason running deep in all White countries.……