Radio Denmark Should not Receive an Emmy for Abusing Assault Victims

The state broadcasting company: Radio Denmark* has participated in the abuse of assault victims. In the case of “Bispehavesagen” Radio Denmark was known for notoriously practising psychological terror several times against the assault victim, an under-aged girl who had been raped. What characterises Radio Denmark’s work with assault victims is the systematic way it abuses them, a systematic characteristic that was very clearly seen in connection with “Bispehavesagen”. Several Danish scholars and politicians, plus the majority of the Danish people have clearly taken a distance to Radio Denmark’s methods in connection with the abuse of assault victims.

Radio Denmark’s systematic abuse has had serious consequences for the girl who was raped in “Bispehavesagen”. A critical part of this abuse was the programme “Ret§agen”**. Several researchers, including jurists and psychologists, had warned about the programme’s terrible effect on the assault victim. Radio Denmark arrogantly disregarded the critique in a way that has to give any sane person the chills. This is the reason why regrettably we have learned that Radio Denmark’s “Ret§agen” has been nominated for an Emmy. It is our only hope that Radio Denmark will not be awarded an Emmy for its abuse of the assault victims.

If anyone deserves an award in this case, it is the girl who has been put through the abuse by Radio Denmark.

With focus on “Bispehavesagen” there is attached below texts that put the abuse of assault victims by Radio Denmark in perspective.



Several Well meaning people in Denmark, Wednesday 6th November 2002


Karsten Holt Larsen, stud.scient.adm.


* Danmark’s Radio (DR) – Is normally translated as “Radio Denmark”; “Danish Broadcasting Corporation” or in short “DR”. DR is the state radio- and TV-station of Denmark; it is also very active on the Internet. There is no completely satisfying way of translating the name of the institution, as its usage in its Danish form would not make sense to a foreigner. While a direct translation of the name indicates that the corporation only works in the media of radio.


** ”Ret§agen” = ”Rejseholdet”.