As I have heard the story, high-ranking Jews threatened to turn all German girls into prostitutes if the German duck lost the war. This was to be done by degenerating morality so much that German girls and women lost their inner compass. And could no longer recognize being a prostitute as something significant. As it was said by the Jews: “Now the Germans showed what they had to do – they could fight and win.” If they would avoid it.
In response, Hitler demanded that all Jews wear a star. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. As a countermeasure to protect its girls and women.
Already in the years leading up to the Russian Revolution, Jews carried out serious abuses against children in Russia. The children were tortured, slaughtered and killed. And their blood drank. As soon as the Jews gained power in the Russian revolution, they could see which lawyers and policemen had taken the reports about the Russian children seriously. And then immediately send people out to arrest and execute these lawyers, judges and policemen.
In the years after World War I, child prostitution and pedophilia became widespread in Germany. Many Germans and German children saw no other way to survive. Than to sell themselves as sex slaves to what the increasingly affluent Jews.
After Germany’s defeat in World War 2, all of Germany was transformed into a single huge rape concentration camp. For years, German women had to make themselves available for the sexual inclinations of the occupying power. Running the woman she was shot in the jerk. And if she was standing, she was raped.
This is especially true in the US sector as well. This is also why we hear all the stories that American soldiers came home to their family and community in the United States and could not tell about their experiences in Germany and Europe. Many people think that the paralysis of the American soldiers is due to unusually cruel experiences in acts of war in Europe.
But the reality is that the paralysis of the mouth is due to the American soldiers’ own orgies of rape of women and children in Germany. Crimes committed at the request of their Jewish superiors in the U.S. Army.
There are several things that people have misunderstood in relation to the Jews’ attacks and threats against Germany. The aim of the war was not to defeat Nazism. But to destroy Germany. Not just destroying white people in Germany. But all white people throughout Europe, the United States and all other white countries.
Today we see the threats of the Jews resulted in more and more girls in Denmark, Europe and the USA and all other countries in the western world living a tempting life as sucking Babes in a sucking dating world.
Therefore, I in no way think that the Jewish star is an appropriate comparison with the Corona Pass. Since the Corona Pass is issued by our enemies (who are also behind the Corona vaccine war) – While the Jewish Star is issued against the same enemy.
Using the Jewish star as a symbol in the Corona Pass is a mockery of the many very young girls who in these months are lured into vaccines by primary school teachers and politicians. Orders issued by the same bloodlines that carried out the child victims in Russia accounted for pedophilia and child abuse of girls and children in interwar Germany. And for the years-long orgies of rape and killings of women and children in post-war Germany and Eastern Europe.
And that is also a historical lie. That leads our struggle into falsehood and false premises.
In the current war against the European peoples, very young girls of childbearing age are again the main target of enemy attacks. Where they are the subject of a whole monstrous vaccine attack. That will invalidate and sterilize them.
And in the current struggle, the Jewish star can therefore only be seen as a mockery of the many European girls, women and children who pay the terrible price in the ongoing war. Therefore, the use of the Jewish star is a pure insult to those who suffer the most in the ongoing war.
It is a symbol of those who know the true story of the Jewish star – the crimes against children, girls and women that it was destined to avoid. Can only be seen as a mockery of those whom our enemies let the war go over.
This, of course, is also why our enemies and their followers want the Jewish star introduced as a symbol in the battle. It’s to twist and make fun of us. And to exhibit our lack of self-insight for ourselves and ourselves. So they can laugh at us: how stupid we are.