Efter WW2 samlede jøderne de smukkeste hvide piger i KZ-lejre med kun piger i, på nogen tusinde piger i hver lejer

Her oprettede jøderne slagterum hvor de smukkeste piger blev slagtet levende i hinandens påsyn





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Scott Roberts, April 12, 2013


I believe the lies of the “Holocaust” should be addressed in every public debate on anything that matters. Humanity has been betrayed and backstabbed by these malicious liars. Not only Germans, not only Europeans. Every single one of us who is not part of the ruling cabal.


Now about Christianity, the leader of it knowingly went to His crucifixion for refusing to waver in His convictions. No amount of money and threats could prevent Him from standing with and for Truth. Christianity is not a religion for sissies, cowards, and hippies. Those are lies. It’s about righteousness no matter the consequences. It requires a supreme degree of Faith.


“Don’t think that I came to send peace on the earth. I didn’t come to send peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34.


Holocaust exposure will change the world for the better. Nothing else will so quickly “disrupt” the status quo. The betrayal of all humanity will come to an end when this matter is exposed at a critical level.


Meese45 says, “The lies and deception perpetrated against humanity is unforgivable.”


Netti2 says, “The biggest lie is that we are all in this together, working for the common good of the planet. In reality there’s a globalist mafia using us as cattle, deceiving us every chance they get.”


Another point. Without the Internet, it would be next to impossible to know what we know, so those living mainly offline lives probably are ignorant about most of the topics that have shaken our foundations.


Also think about that before vilifying the generations before us, particularly all the young, courageous men who thought they were fighting and dying for righteous causes, who were being used as duped pawns serving psychopathic evil.


Scott says the controllers utterly despise us and show it in everything they do. Every opportunity they get to torture us, every war they can start. “They celebrate every death on both sides.”


Notice how Scott Roberts back in 2013 was talking about the abuse topics on this channel. The cold-bloodedness, the lack of empathy, the total inversion of psychological-spiritual wiring from anything directly understandable to moral and loving people.


He also addresses the torture and mutilation of girls in the present slave trade, something TruNews has talked about regarding the Epstein case that was threatening to expose the sinister nature of the ruling order.


“They hate us for who they aren’t.” Therefore they hate pretty girls. They go after the smartest, the purest, the most beautiful, the most righteous. They enjoy corrupting and destroying the best of the best.


I very much appreciate Scott’s level of knowledge, insight, and awareness. You can tell he has a great deal of empathy.


I do recommend listening right to the end of this. It’s important material.


“If they stop now and suddenly this truth was known to everybody, they would be given no quarter. They would have nowhere to hide.”


Scott says they have no business being in our countries.


I’d add they’re only tolerated because most are ignorant about accurate history, thanks to heavily controlled media and schooling.


Of course they want us to “tolerate” them no matter what they’ve done and are doing and intend on doing. You’re supposed to tolerate it all and forgive them no matter what. Get real. You don’t forgive a remorseless abuser without conscience and mercy, who deceives and betrays every chance possible.


They know what they’ve done and are doing. It’s deliberate and orchestrated.


Personally, I don’t hold accountable low level Jewish people any more than I would low level anyone else. The only difference is those low level Jewish people think they’re in on something special, like a secret society. In reality they’re no more influential than the common duped European. We’re all being played and used.