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Flygtninge og indvandrere ydmyger svenske unge: Tvinges med spark og tæsk til at kysse fødder og drikke urin - Danmark Først

Flygtninge og indvandrere ydmyger svenske unge: Tvinges med spark og tæsk til at kysse fødder og drikke urin



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No-Go Zone: Sweden’s Violent No-Go Zones & Young Swedes Targeted For “Humiliation Crime”

3Feb 19, 2020

Tags: discrimination ethnic conflict gang violence hate Islam mass immigration multiculturalism Muslim immigration no-go zones open borders Sweden Sweden Democrats Swedish police Terrorism violence against Whites war War on Swedes

This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here.


Henrik covers the increased violence in Sweden, especially in the No-Go Zones. Immigrant groups are being taught to hate native Swedes. Robberies and crimes involving humiliation have increased rapidly the last few years. Watch the second episode of No-Go Zone.


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