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Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 1 – Setting the Stage


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Offentliggjort den 17. feb. 2019

I’m going to make this a series, as its impossible to fit even the broad strokes into a single video, and its all but impossible to do this topic the justice it deserves. This will be an overview, and future videos will zoom in a bit on specific peoples and time periods (I’m working on a Scythians video as I write this), and be more detailed and specific.


Long story short, much of what we call civilization seems to spring from a relatively singular genetic and cultural root, which proceeded to disperse across the globe in waves, and it seems their tracks are being buried, obfuscated.


I sincerely hope this encourages others to begin digging with open eyes. If you have anything you feel is especially important and relevant to share, please feel free, I’m always seeking context –



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Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 2 – The Scythians and Their Kin
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Offentliggjort den 31. mar. 2019
Agile, independent, self-sufficient… only taking fights on their own terms, and only when the odds favor them.. refusing to play their opponents games or fall into their traps. Unassailable, yet powerfully capable of assailing enemies. Profoundly competent, yet understated and unpretentious. Just, honest, genuine, courageous and magnanimous, yet capable of being ruthless when the situation warranted. To my mind, these are the hallmarks of the ‘True Scythian’, that most ancient root of the Indo-European people that proceeded to branch out across the known world and subsequently become known as an endless variety of peoples and nations over time.
I’ve purposefully used the oldest and most broad definition of ‘Scythian’ throughout this video, that mentioned at 4:00, lumping many of their obvious direct outgrowths into the umbrella term. The more I dig, the more the dividing lines between peoples fall away, and the more its possible to understand the central spoke of the wheel of the ‘PIE’ (Proto-Indo-European) people, and the ‘True’ Scythians are very representative of this seed from which so much would later grow.
Think of history in the manner of waves radiating outwards (and back inwards) from a central point around the black sea, and firm caste structures developed in its wake, and history immediately begins to make a great deal more sense.
There’s still a great deal I’m not saying, and haven’t yet touched upon, especially with regards to Scythian ‘origins’, and I hope you’ll all be a bit patient in this regard. As I mentioned before, picture this series as an attempt at a spiral towards truth, each rotation drawing a bit nearer, the totality of context a bit clearer, and further building the contextual puzzle.
Apologies for not giving details to support each minor point. I’m trying to cover such a broad swathe of time and events that these videos would be 10+ hours long were I to delve into the specifics and supporting evidence, but I try to only to give voice to what I can be relatively certain is true. (It’ll add a bit of time/effort to the equation, but in the future I think I’ll cite lists of sources used)
Many others do the piecemeal analysis of details and specifics, I’m taking this path because I feel there’s both a need and appetite for it, but I strongly encourage others to do their own research… and in fact this is probably the foremost goal of my creating these videos. I *very* much want to launch other intensive research journeys.
As I mentioned in my recent message to subscribers, I can’t thank you enough for supporting the work and future projects… it was just enough at just the right time to save me from a rather tricky situation, and I’m forever grateful. Also, I’ve taken your advice and finally setup a Crypto route, and recently discovered a Patreon alternative for those not wanting to go that traditional route, both are listed below.
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(One of the more interesting information sources regarding the Spartan/Scythian connection:
((A valid point some have made: I could’ve placed a bit more stress on the Scythian genetic and cultural connection to many modern Russians and Ukrainians.. emphasis on *many*, and not *all*, as these two nations have become very mixed bags with regards to genetic inheritance, but there still exist individuals and communities which, in my estimation, are very much direct in descent from the Scyth ‘root’))
Lastly, we have an active and extremely productive, insightful, fruitful and worthwhile historical research group/discussion going on, at If you’d like to take part, sign up on, and send the email address you used to
(HRCP = Historical Research Collaboration Project)
Thanks again, to everyone, for the support.. in all senses of that word.
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Gamle rygter fra vores tidligste skrifter ser ud som om de muligvis kan bekræftes af genetisk forskning.


Hvad betyder jahve basserede religioner for menneskes tankegang. Og dette for Geopolitikken ?



Offentliggjort den 31. jul. 2012

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. He is the author of seventeen books in the field of alternative research. In the beginning we’ll discuss the Baltic Sea find and the Russian hypothesis that says “the mysterious disc-shaped object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea could be a relic from a giant World War II device placed there by the Nazis to disrupt Soviet submarine navigation.” We’ll also discuss the Russian announcement of a new human haplogroup, which questions the “Out of Africa” theory and the origin of Europeoids (Caucasoid) in light of new DNA genealogy. Then, Joseph will talk about his book Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology, Terrorism, and Topology co-authored with Scott D. De Hart. He talks about the psychopathic character known as Yahweh and the cultural effects and consequences of introducing Yahweism into the world.