Diary of the school teachers ‘and educators’ vaccine injuries to children and the desire to kill children and young people in Denmark


May 8, 2021: Something was wrong with the young people in Aalborg

‘Men in Blacks’ demonstration in Aalborg went off like crazy. So we were a part that sank backwards right away. As long as you stopped for a few minutes, you sank seriously backwards. There is always someone in the herd shouting faster, faster, etc. But should think they are being paid by the police for it. Why should that kind of split a demonstration?

However, it did cause me to fall off the demonstration a little later. Which gave me a somewhat different and surprising experience of the vaccination condition. Than the one being sold in the media.

On the corner of Borgergade and Vesterbro, the demonstration took place at Vesterbro and Bispensgade. And I actually no longer wanted to try to keep up. But decided to lag behind and distribute materials. Immediately, I support young people at a pub. But they did not want any material because they were all vaccinated. I stumbled something over this. When the media pumped out that now the 54-year-olds should be vaccinated.

However, it continued in the same way. I walked down Jomfru Ane street. But it was the same. The same everywhere. However, it seemed that it was mostly young girls. They did not want any material. Since they were vaccinated. I was so amazed that I had no comments at all ready about side effects etc.

When I reached Kildeparken – for the demonstration – I took it up with someone. But they thought it was because Aalborg is a large base for health education. But as we shall see in the following, it is unfortunately not quite so connected.


June 19, 2021 Educators and school teachers’ abuse of children in Danish schools

On Saturday 19 June 2021, I was standing at one of the two entrances to the public meeting on Bornholm. Using vaccines and tests, the government here has divided the population into up to 90 casts. So you can not get in unless you take a test. Or a vaccine.

Late in the afternoon a larger group of children arrives. I would assume about 30 children aged 12 – 13 years. According to with three educators. I would like to give the children some information material. But when the school teachers / educators see what it is, they whisper to the children: – do not take it-.

Some of the children still accept the material.

They go to the people’s meeting. But to my surprise, they are coming out again soon. So it has probably just been a short experience for them.

As they pass out, it surprises me of any of the kids walking with their arms outstretched in front of them. Straight into the air with clenched fists.

But when they come up next to me, I see that they have the poster I gave them curled up in clenched fists. In their outstretched arms. The children walk right in front of them.

One girl, however, asks for a poster. But she immediately curls it up. And keep it to themselves in the same way as the boys.


A few meters hand stands a trash can. And the educators / school teachers hiss throw them out. And the children wring with their outstretched arms and clenched fists the trash can up. And throws the papers in.

The malicious behavior of the educators / school teachers makes me shout that the school teachers hate children and want to kill children with vaccines – no it does not fit to answer a school teacher to the children. They can not say much about that. And the whole herd disappears quickly along the way.


June 25, 2021: Distribution in Aarhus gave a gloomy picture

Friday the 25 / 6-2021 I would distribute materials in Aarhus. It was something impulsive. And it was only a short time. as I could not get parked properly.

During the demonstrations in Aalborg, I met many young people who had been vaccinated. We thought that it is probably also a great place for health and service subjects. So therefore…

But the same thing happened in Aarhus. And it’s not just girls. But also boys.

So I think the government is running a shadow game for the gallery. And we think we have a good time. Because they are still by those who are 50+, etc. But it seems that under all possible pretexts they select target groups of very young people.

I take it very seriously. The more one knows about the vaccines the more there is no doubt that it is a weapon system that must kill or subdue the vaccinated by force. And now they are also talking about everyone having to be vaccinated permanently over the years. It will never stop.

As I see it, they go after the strongest groups that they fear most. Very young girls of childbearing age. And talented young men and military men, etc.

It is just like during the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution. And in the years after World War II in Eastern Europe and Germany. Where the territories under the United States and Russia were transformed into outdoor rape concentration camps. With the killing of young strong people.

We also see here at home how the VKO parties are now working hard to create more fertility clinics. But it will not be the children of the girlfriend or the couple who are created in those places. But children of parliamentary politicians. Or children of the elite. Eg. children like the parliamentary politicians and the global elite in Israel can kill and rape.

However, also some good things

I actually manage to get distributed to people who were vaccinated. For they were very interested in the side effects. Although some also dreaded finding out more. So it will be an advantage if they wake up and start turning their anger against the parliamentary politicians and the global elite in Israel. And help warn others.



July 10, 2021: Experiences from Herning July 10, 2021


Number of participants: 300 to 350 of Latter-day Saints. There were not so many new ones. Not like the one in Silkeborg. Whether it is due to the temptations of the summer holidays without a Corona mask or management tricks in Copenhagen. I do not quite know. But there is probably something to think about there.

But as an adult, it bothers me that no more young people come to the really good concerts in connection with the demonstrations. At first glance, I think that young people have more fun during the period than we just expect. And just keep a lot of private parties out of States control?

Good dialogue with the people of Herning

There is probably the demo I have been to where I had the best dialogue with the civilian population. Unfortunately, politicians are cheating on the cards and have full pressure to vaccinate very young people.

I talked to many very young girls and boys who were fully or partially vaccinated. But they had not been warned at all about the risks of the vaccines. It was like a cult around them of: schoolteachers, educators, politicians and the media had brought them into the vaccine.

And that was not what we thought in Aalborg, because the city was a big city in the health sector.

On the contrary, the ones I / we talked to were very young people who, for example. work as a lumberjack, beautician. And other quite normal educations.

These young people seemed very shaken by what we could tell them about the vaccines.

The anger that arises inside them when they discover what has happened must, we must make sure, be directed at the politicians. And against the global demons that emanate from Israel.

I simply get so angry when I meet a very young man who has been vaccinated. It shows how for some the devils and demons the politicians are.

Although I also meet many boys who have been vaccinated, it is still most young girls of childbearing age. It shows that it is a race war we are up against. Where our enemies go after killing, poisoning and destroying as many young girls as possible.

It is young girls who can and must carry the tribe on. It is limited how many children she can have. So our enemies get the most out of killing and disabling very young girls. That’s also what they seem to be betting on – again this time.

We had a good chat with many of those who have been vaccinated. But once they have ingested that toxin from the vaccine, they are pretty much done as humans. We then drew their anger at those who had vaccinated them and persuaded them to do so. And against the politicians.

Party politics does not belong in the demonstrations

Up to the demonstration in Herning there was a sudden announcement about cannabis sales in Christiania and to an earlier demonstration there were notices about Palestinians.

I do not think that belongs in any way. I am personally against any kind of drugs. Like many others in Jutland. And I’m always sober as a door.

So I do not see that others’ addiction to drugs / alcohol should characterize the Corona case. But it has come to that.

Good thing the jib was more sober.


In recent times there have been demonstrations: where if curious came by and asked in to it. Then you were not even shown who to refer them to. For people were pissed and on roller skates. Or crooked. And that does not seem to me to be the case.

This had apparently been settled in Herning. So there were not all the time full pelicans tumbling around and getting into random and useless quarrels with civilians and policemen.

I think this is an advantage as it is the groups – civilians and the police – that we need most in the fight against politicians.


July 14, 2021: It’s about to happen

Yesterday (14 / 7-2021) I continued my distribution of materials on the beaches in Horsens. The beach park in Horsens and Husodde Strand located by Stensballe. It actually went well. I got rid of around – yes I do not know: 200 to 300 pcs. materials. Of course I also had the coolest snorkeling gear with 😊

It was temporarily the same depressing feedback as before: an enormous number of people have already been vaccinated.

People of all ages. An old man who had his grandchildren with him said that – I bares should go – which he now did not come to decide. And a nurse showed that the vaccines were not dangerous. When she herself vaccinated people every day.

But it was now still most depressing with the young people who had been vaccinated. However, it was not my impression that so many young people were vaccinated as in Aalborg, Århus and Herning. But it is a very flimsy basis I have to judge it on. But many were at least vaccinated.

A big blunder

I met two very young guys who had not been vaccinated. And they were absolutely thrilled with my message. A little further her by the beach I again met a group of young people of 10 people. Five boys and 4 girls. They were not vaccinated and one of the boys was absolutely hugely happy with my message. However, one of the girls was vaccinated.

Here I actually committed a stupidity. Because why did I not enter into dialogue with the young people there? They were completely in line. I could have just picked up the original 2 young guys. And then held a little info meeting with them. About what could happen. And how they could reach me or others on the phone.

However, it was only when I was at Stensballe Strand that I came to think of it. I’m not used to people being that way: loud and active on our side. There’s always something about growing right in passing saying: – I’m on your side -. But not that large flocks of children and young people say it together. So here was something to build on.

Depressing days

I got a bit of a downturn the last few days. But all the young people and children who are being vaccinated. And then people will not take the vaccines. Then the police do not strike. Then the politicians deploy the military. Etc. Etc. We can hope that we are wrong. But with the many deaths and vaccine injuries, there is not much to suggest that. A plane gradually falls down every day. Nobody talks about it. Four presidents have been killed. Nobody talks about it.


But yesterday I spoke to someone from the environment who never gives up. No matter how it ends, he will fight to the last. No matter how it ends. I also talked to someone who believes that the feeling of powerlessness arises because one spends all his energy on others rather than oneself. And the time has come to form local self-help groups. At least it helped to hear it.

The time for the match is really over?

Actually, I think the fight not to get people vaccinated is over. Now we have been shouting and screaming for over a year. And people are still looking forward to his vaccination date. Then you probably also have to say that they have to do it themselves. And we must begin to concentrate the energy into ourselves. Set us up to live with the many dead, etc.

Someone wants to grow vegetables, etc. But I think there will be an enormous number of empty houses. And you can just live in them. There are also the old fortresses from ancient times. They must be easy to take advantage of, right?

However, I still think they are useful in handing out materials. So those who are on our side do not feel alone.

And so we get the vaccinated over to our side in the coming fight against the politicians.



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